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About Speak Safe

Al Tayer Group seeks to maintain the highest ethical standards throughout our operations with efforts to govern adherence and commitment to the established  CODE OF CONDUCT. This document serves as a pivotal point of reference for the Group's internal and external stakeholders, thereby encouraging employees and stakeholders to report any immoral or unethical actions.

What is Speak Safe?

Speak Safe provides a secure platform for Al Tayer Group employees, business partners, and stakeholders, to report any deviations to the Group standards. Such deviations include, but are not limited to, wrongdoing, unlawful practices, and non-compliance with the Code of Conduct. Speak Safe is managed independently by a third party, which helps to maintain confidentiality and anonymity. When you report a legitimate concern, you can be assured that your identity is safeguarded, and you are protected.

What should be reported?

According to the Code of Conduct, any action that violates the Group policy and regulations should be responsibly reported with candor and related evidences. It reinforces the importance of reporting improper behavior; few examples are listed below:

Corruption and Fraud
Financial reporting concerns
Breach of policies and procedures
General Malpractices
Breach of laws and regulations
Retaliation or Retribution

What should not be reported?

Speak Safe is established to solely address issues of nonconformity and non-adherence to the Group work ethics and standards. To report employment-related matters, please use the Grievance Procedure, and to report Operational incidents, please use the Incident Reporting System.

How it works?

hwo it works

Code of conduct

Employee Code of Conduct

General Policy

This Code of Conduct applies to all full-time, part-time, temporary and permanent employees ("Employees") of Al Tayer Group LLC and its affiliates ("Al Tayer Group") and comprises a set of guiding principles for all.

Supplier Code of Conduct

General Policy

This Code of Conduct applies to all Suppliers to Al Tayer Group LLC and its affiliates (together “Al Tayer Group”) and comprises a set of guiding principles for Al Tayer Group and its Suppliers. “Suppliers” in this document shall mean any and all Suppliers of products or services to Al Tayer Group including (but not limited to) end manufacturers, contractors, sub-contractors and all strategic partners.

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Contact the independent provider of Speak Safe via the following channels:

  • Telephone Line:

    To call the Speak Safe line please follow the dialing instructions for the country you are calling from:

    UAE: 8005037283
    KSA: 8008971609
    Bahrain: 80004565
    Rest of the world: +9718005037283