Supplier Code of Conduct

Annexure to Code of Conduct, Al Tayer Group LLC

General Policy

This Code of Conduct applies to all Suppliers to Al Tayer Group LLC and its affiliates (together “Al Tayer Group”) and comprises a set of guiding principles for Al Tayer Group and its Suppliers. “Suppliers” in this document shall mean any and all Suppliers of products or services to Al Tayer Group including (but not limited to) end manufacturers, contractors, sub-contractors and all strategic partners.

Al Tayer Group seeks to conduct its business in a responsible and ethical manner, and to treat all its employees, contractors and sub-contractors with respect and dignity at all times. Al Tayer Group believes that this responsibility should be reflected in the conduct of its Suppliers.

This Code of Conduct is designed to assist Al Tayer Group in selecting and retaining Suppliers that follow work place standards and business practices consistent with Al Tayer Group’s policies. As a set of guiding principles, it also helps to identify potential problems so that Al Tayer Group can work with its Suppliers to address issues of concern as they arise.

Specifically, Al Tayer Group expects its Suppliers to adhere to the following standards and practices in its workplaces and in all dealings, which Al Tayer Group is itself committed to upholding in all its operations:

Code of Conduct

  1. Legal Requirements

Suppliers must observe all applicable laws of their country/ies of operation. Where applicable, Suppliers must comply with applicable U.A.E. laws relating to the import of products and/or the delivery of services.

  1. Environmental Practice

Suppliers should always strive to preserve the environment and should take into consideration the environmental impact of their activities wherever possible.

  1. Health and Safety

Compliance with all applicable local laws and regulations regarding health and safety is obligatory.

  1. Health and Safety
  • Suppliers must employ and pay employees without regard to race, colour, gender, nationality, religion, age, maternity or marital status.

  • Suppliers must ensure that their employees are paid at least the minimum legal wage, and ensure that their employees be permitted at least the minimum number of days off per week and number of holidays per annum permitted by law.

  • Suppliers must not use forced labour or prison labour or any involuntary labour of any kind.

  • Suppliers shall employ only employees who meet the applicable minimum legal age requirement or are at least 14 years of age, whichever is greater. Suppliers must comply with all other applicable child labour laws.

  • Suppliers must ensure that all employees have the necessary permissions and permits to reside and work in their country of employment.

  1. Accountability

Suppliers must act within the scope of their authority at all times. In the absence of specific written agreement to the contrary Al Tayer Group shall hold Suppliers directly accountable for all duties and obligations, regardless of whether or not such duties and obligations have been delegated to third parties.

  1. Fair Relations with Suppliers

Al Tayer Group strives to select and deal with Suppliers without favour or preference to any person or business based on anything other than the best commercial interest of Al Tayer Group.

  1. Fair Dealings

Suppliers must never offer or accept any bribe or other facilitating payment whether in connection with Al Tayer Group business or otherwise.

  1. Ethical Conduct

Al Tayer Group will not support, participate or condone Suppliers’ support or participation in any local, regional or national armed or political conflict in any way and Al Tayer Group will see to minimize its business risk where conflict exists, emphasizing the safety of Al Tayer Group’s employees and representatives. Any Supplier involved in such conflict must report the circumstances of such involvement to Al Tayer Group.

  1. On Site Activities

Whenever Suppliers are on premises owned or leased by Al Tayer Group it is expected that Suppliers shall comply in all respects with policies of conduct and performance applicable to such premises, including in relation to security and safety.

  1. Confidential Information

In the absence of specific written agreement to the contrary, all information related to the business of Al Tayer Group shall be held in the strictest confidence.

  1. Consequences

Al Tayer Group seeks to do business only with Suppliers who share Al Tayer Group’s commitment to the environment and who conduct their business in a way that is consistent with Al Tayer Group’s philosophy and guiding principles. Consequently, Al Tayer Group will only seek to identify and utilize Suppliers who commit to a set of ethical standards compatible with the principles stated above. In the event of Supplier breach of this Code of Conduct, Al Tayer Group shall review and verify such breach and, where appropriate, take remedial action which may include the immediate termination of its relationship with such Supplier.